How to do your makeup

We don’t always have time or feel like putting on makeup, but it does wonders for our self-esteem! To achieve a great look, just follow these basic rules and you’ll be on your way.

The 5 basic rules
1-Skin care

Keep your skin clean and hydrated. So, remove your makeup thoroughly at night and apply hydrating cream every morning.


It’s important to check your makeup in the daylight to avoid bad surprises. Makeup done under the bathroom light may not turn out like you expected.

3-Respect the steps

Start by dealing with your complexion, then your eyes and finish off with your mouth.


Don’t overdo it! Either put the focus on your eyes or your mouth, but never both at the same time. Listen to your intuition! If you want to be heard, put the focus on your lips; if you want to speak with your eyes, make them your focus point!


The best makeup is nothing compared to a great smile, so don't be afraid to show your "whities"!

Successful makeup
  • Start with a hydrating cream for the eyes. Follow with your day cream, and don’t forget the neck!
  • To make sure you have the right foundation, choose one that’s a half shade lighter than your actual complexion and test it on your inner wrist, where skin is the fairest. If you are hesitating, ask for a cosmetic consultant’s help. This is such an important step; a little help will go a long way.
  • If you wear foundation, never apply it on the mobile part of your eyelid, but cover your lips.
  • A light powder will set and even out your complexion.
  • A touch of concealer underneath the eyes will help! Don’t rub it, just pout with the tip of your fingers.
  • With an eyeliner, trace the outside of your eyes and stay close to your eyelashes. To create a larger eye, slightly raise the liner on the outside corners of your eye and dab a little white liner on the inner corner of your eye for a fresh look.
  • If you are tired, don’t put makeup on your lower eyelids, this may accentuate the circles beneath your eyes and that’s the last thing you want!
  • Always have two shades of eye-shadow: a light colour and a darker shade. Apply the light one on your mobile lid and the darker onevon the upper part of the mobile lid. Mix the two colors so it gradually goes from light to dark. The darker shade should not go higher than the outside corner of your eye.
  • For mascara, start with the upper lashes and remember that less is more! Don’t make your lashes thick and heavy. Mascara should be well spread out on your lashes and there shouldn’t be lumps.
  • A light touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks will complete the look. Lipstick doesn’t necessarily have to be flamboyant. A light gloss or a lipstick close to your actual lip colour will make you look fresh at all times. Keep the great reds for evening outings.
Quick makeup
  • If you are running out of time, here is a simple three-step makeup routine that should only take a few minutes.
  • Use a powder foundation rather than liquid one. It goes on quickly and evens out the skin in no time. A few brush strokes and you’re done. Be careful not to apply too much of it, go over your face with another brush to take off the excess.
  • For the eyes, use an eye-shadow pencil with a large surface and apply it on your mobile eyelid. You can use discrete skin tones or more defined light pastel colours.
  • Add mascara to your upper eyelashes.
  • For an effortless but dazzling look, use a tinted lip balm for your lips.
Quick tips

  • Too much foundation? Take a moist sponge and rub it across your face, then take a dry tissue and press it on your face to absorb the excess foundation.
  • Tired? Avoid applying mascara on your lower lashes.
  • Puffy eyes? In the morning, apply a thick coat of eye cream around your eyes and leave it there for 2 minutes. Take off the excess cream with a tissue.
  • Lipstick: if you put foundation and powder over your lips, the lipstick will stay on longer.
  • Congested? Put your face over steaming water!. Boil two cups of water and add a few drops of essential oils (lavender or lemon) and put your face over it for 10 minutes. It will do wonders!
Image de Sonia Cosentino

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