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Getting ready to move

Soon, you will have a new home. Get ready now so you won’t run at the last minute. Here is a checklist to guide you.

Start with… dynamite!

Don’t worry, we are not really recommending to blow everything up but we suggest to be as thorough in sorting your thing as if you did. This idea comes from Sophie Legault, residential organizer and author of the practical guide Vaincre le désordre (which means overcoming the mess). “My philosophy is blasting. I only keep what I really love. I get rid of the rest! ”If you hesitate and don’t know what to keep and what to sell, Sophie Legault suggests this exercise. “Imagine that you have an object in your hand and I try to take it. What do you do? Do you let me have it or do you hold on to it? Is it because you really like it or is it because you are insecure? This exercise helps understanding our attachment to objects and the reasons of this attachment.”


What I find truly important is to invest in good boxes. If financially possible, it is really worth it” says Mrs. Legault. A place like la Cartonnerie in Montreal sells solid boxes of all sizes, such as the ones that are good for books and other heavy objects.

  • Count about ten same and medium boxes per room.
  • Avoid big boxes that are bulky and heavy to move.
  • For bedding, use garbage bags that you will reuse later.
  • Put heavy objects in small boxes. Plus, same sized boxes are easier to stack in the truck and in the rooms where you will put them. 

Don’t wait until the week before you move to start packing up! Of course, you must keep several items around until the last minute but you can put anything that will not be used before you move in boxes.

  • Sport gear
  • Seasonal items (winter clothes and boots, Christmas and Halloween decorations, etc.)
  • Extra bedding (only keep what you need until you move)
  • Books
  • Music
  • Decorative items
  • Photos
  • Glassware for special occasions

As for books, it is the perfect opportunity to clean up your collection. Because it is very heavy and takes up a lot of space, only keep the books that you like, that you want to read again, the others will be given to a public library or a second hand bookstore.

Garage sale

When you have accumulated the objects that you will not keep, give them to a friend, to charity or have a garage sale. “I prefer “garage gifts” to garage sales because it is a bit inconceivable to ask people to pay for our junk, says Sophie Legault. Ultimately, get your items out with a pot of voluntary donations and let people decide what they want to pay for what they take. It’s nice!”

Movers or friends and family?

Sophie Legault tells people to check if they truly save money when inviting friends to help them move rather than hiring movers. With the truck rental, the time needed to move with inexperienced people, the insurance you don’t have in case of material loss or injury, meals and drinks, it may be cheaper to hire competent people who know what they are doing, who are insured and who work quickly and well.

Moreover, check in advance to find and book a moving truck or movers. There are times of high demand!

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