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COVID-19 - Parents are heroes too!

Being a parent during this pandemic is not easy. You are all living different situations and you all have your own challenges and fears. But you also all have something in common: you are your children’s heroes!

Here are some tips for surviving this pandemic while listening to your children’s needs: 

1. Stress management

You have thousands of questions going around in your head. When will it end? Are we going to run out of money? Are we going to get sick? Make stress management a priority! Some people will need to relax by taking a good bath, while others will need to let off steam by playing music or training thoroughly! Do what’s best for you!

2. Accept your helplessness in the face of the situation

You have no control over the situation, so focus on the little things you can do, such as making sure everyone in your family is safe and healthy and that all the little hands are well washed! You can also help by respecting government requests for social distancing and staying home.

3. Don't be too hard on yourself

Drop the usual routine or, if you absolutely need it, start a new one. You are asked to wear a lot of hats at the moment, so give yourself the right not to do everything perfectly.

4. Celebrate small victories

You’ll have some great days, but you’ll also have some days you’ll want to forget, and that’s to be expected. Focus on the small successes and positive points of each day! Keep your expectations to a reasonable level, as each member of the family experiences the situation in their own way. Small or large, a victory remains a victory!

5. Take advantage of social media

Use technology to nurture your social relationships. Have a happy hour on Zoom, celebrate the little one's birthday on Google Meet or have an online family yoga class on Sunday morning.

In addition to your role as parents, you must now fulfill the arduous role of teachers. Your plate is pretty full, so don't forget to take time for yourself because if you are well, your children will be too!

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