This year, I do my taxes

One February day, after having received almost all of my tax papers, I decided to take care of filing my own tax returns for the year. After all, a versatile woman like me is certainly capable of doing so. 

In the past years, an acquaintance used to prepare my tax returns. Each year I would think I should eventually do them myself. At first, I felt unsure about undertaking this new project. Afterwards, I remembered my father always submits his taxes online and he feels confident when the time comes to close his fiscal year. Before I decided to give it a try, he told me about the possibility of completing all the fields in the tax software and to even obtain the results. I would then have to decide if I felt comfortable enough to take the final step: submit my declaration to the government.

As easy as it can be

One evening, I finally decided to go ahead. So easy: you only need to follow the steps indicated one by one and to enter the required numbers in the forms. I used the UFile online software because it’s the one my father trusted and I have been using it ever since. I really like it because it’s user-friendly and it provides great technical assistance to any inquiry you may have. Furthermore, it updates your file based on your family’s situation. I feel very confident using this software. Over the years, I even got better at using it. 

The first time I filed my income tax return, I was alone, so I was single. The following year, I included my common‑law partner and, the year after that, I included my maternity leave. Now, I even include my kids! At first, all these new papers and new family members made me uncomfortable but, once again, thanks to UFile’s user-friendly software, I was able to easily navigate through it all.

This year, UFile has launched a new interactive platform called Tax & U. This platform combines education and knowledge in addition to answering any question on tax matters. It also offers users the opportunity to ask questions to an expert; the answers will then be publicly available and benefit everyone. Their Facebook page is extremely useful in getting the latest news and updates on tax matters at all times.

I am completely confident in recommending this method of filing. Try it like me and, you will see, there is nothing difficult about it. Go ahead, you have nothing to lose... and, in the end, you will find out how good you are. After all, not only is it very satisfying to file your own tax return but, let’s face it, it’s also easier to manage and cheaper than hiring a specialist or an accountant. Personally, I am proud to claim out loud every year that I AM the one who filed my family’s tax returns.

Although this testimony is sponsored by UFile, the opinions and texts are all mine. 

Image de Marie-Hélène Dion

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