10 ways to enjoy the snow at home

The schools are closed and the kids can’t stand still because they’re eager to go play outside... sounds like a snow day! Dress them up warm... here are 10 great ideas for fun in the snow!  

Snowflakes are falling, the snow is piling up and the fun is multiplying... We’d almost forgotten how much fun playing in the snow can be!

Cake Pan

Get your cake pans out to create spectacular snow shapes of all sizes. Embellish your work by adding a few branches, leaves or even vegetables, and showcase them on the sidewalk for the neighbours to see!

Let’s start building!

The notorious snow fort is a classic! Introduce your children to the fun you had building one (which was obviously always bigger than your neighbours’ ones!) when you were younger. Adults will have as much fun as the kids. Remember to create your family flag indoors while sipping hot chocolate!

No two snowflakes alike!

Organize a snowflakes hunt. Go outside with the kids while it’s snowing and examine the snowflakes’ shapes. Find the most beautiful, the biggest, the most impressive one. Make the fun last longer by going back inside and cutting snowflakes out of white paper.

Make me a drawing!

On a flat surface of snow, everyone grabs a stick and makes a drawing! The fun is in trying to guess what the other person drew.

Treasure hunt!

This activity will certainly enchant the youngest ones who are just discovering snow. In a small bucket, hide an object (car, figurine or other plastic toy) by covering it with snow. Give the child a little shovel and help them dig to find the surprise!

Angels galore!

Take turns making snow angels by lying on your backs and gliding your arms and legs on the snow.

On your mark!

Did you ever try to race or jump in the snow? It’s not as easy as it seems! Who knows, the little ones might be the agilest!

A bit of colour, please!

Colored snow without the mess : it’s possible!  In a spray bottle or an empty bottle with a hole in the cap (dressing, mustard, etc.), mix water, a drop of food coloring and a drop of dish soap. Artists... to your “snow” boards!

Follow the tracks!

Someone hides and the others try to find them by following the tracks they left in the snow. You can also try to find animal tracks and guess to what animal they belong to, or imagine other animals’ tracks (elephant, mouse, duck, etc.)

Let’s play inside!

There’s a big snowstorm and you don’t feel like dressing the children to go outside? Bring the snow inside! Put a large sheet or a piece of plastic on your floor. Cover a cardboard box with a garbage bag and fill it with snow. Provide shovels and buckets for your children who will play with snow in the warmth of your home! It’s an exciting experience because of its unusual aspect!

Image de Nadine Descheneaux

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