Five good reasons to spend time as a couple

Yes, you are parents but do you really have to sacrifice your couple because of that? Do you think you neglect your couple?

Parents and lovers

Looking after your little darling is, of course, very important. But we must remember those who brought them into this world. Here are 5 good reasons to convince you to spend time with your sweetheart!

To avoid losing track of your couple after the birth of a child, it is necessary to keep your complicity alive. You know, the same complicity that probably made you decide to have a child in the first place. Many reasons make it easier to invest more time as parents than as lovers. Lack of time, guilt, fatigue, that impression of losing yourself, unexpected conflicts, are all good reasons to act that way. But a distance between lovers may be difficult to make up for as time passes. You must act as soon as your baby gives you a bit of time to breathe.

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