Easy Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

In addition to marking the start of spring, the Easter holidays offer us an anthology of inspiring symbols. Take out scissors and cardboard, we're decorating the house DIY style!

Coucou little Chick

Cute as ever, this DIY will crack a smile for the whole family. A clothespin, a little hot glue and cardboard are all you need to make it. Do you have a little magnet? Glue it behind your little DIY craft and you will get a nice fridge magnet.

Did you know? 

Chicks are born on the 21st day of incubation!

Source: Cahier Joséphine

Ribbed eggs

You like to decorate eggs, but you want to be original this year... Use string!

First, wash, empty and dry your egg. Then, in the middle of the egg, drop a stream of hot glue all around the egg. Place your first piece of string and continue until the whole egg is covered.

Did you know?

Decorated eggs date far back, and have been known to be a sign of renewal and fertility. Indeed, we must return to the twelfth century. At the time, during Holy Week, it was forbidden (among other things) to eat eggs. The hens did not stop laying eggs and the eggs accumulated during this period were therefore considered sacred. That's why we decorated them.

Source: Lime Riot


The Easter Tree

On your next outing, pick up a nice tree branch with several stems. Dry it and spray it with white paint. Once decorated (with ribbed eggs, for example), this new kind of tree can find its place in a nice vase, in the centre of your table.

Did you know?

Germany started the tradition of the Easter tree.

Source: Godfather Style

Floral Rabbit Ears

The Easter holidays are an opportunity to celebrate the newness of spring. So, why not make a pretty thematic headband for your little girl? Using a few dots of hot glue, attach cardboard bunny ears and dried flowers.

Did you know?

In 2016, in Canada, 140,085,905 cut flowers were sold!

Source: Pinterest

Easter frame

To decorate the living room or baby room, this small frame is ultra chic and easy to DIY. In a box, draw and cut out the silhouette of a rabbit. Drop it on a piece of wood (or canvas) and using a roller, paint it all. Gently remove the stencil and wait for it to dry. Make or buy a small tassel and using hot glue, attach it to the frame. Tadam! That's it.

Did you know

A rabbit can live from 8 to 10 years! Before giving one as a gift, think twice.

Source: Country Living

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