12 ideas for intimacy

Do you want easy ideas to get closer to your partner and stimulate your sexual appetite? Here are 12 ideas to inspire you...

Multiply the gestures

Throughout the day, do little things that will keep the flame burning. When evening comes, the connection could be explosive! Messages, words, songs, post-its, text messages, use any and all resources to share your desire with your partner!

Go on a spontaneous date

Without sticking to a strict schedule, organize a lunch date or meet for drinks after work to get some time together.

Night at the hotel

Your bedroom doesn’t inspire you anymore? Book a hotel room near your house for instant intimacy!

A research done in 2009 showed that most Canadians don’t have regular sexual intercourse because of daily stress and mayhem. 65% of these people said that they just didn’t have enough time to feed their passion.

90% of people believe that their day to day routines stop them from getting sexually intimate.

90% of Canadians feel a greater emotional connection to their partner after sharing an intense intimate sexual moment with them.

Source: study from K-Y®

Nap time, fun time!

While the kids are sleeping, stop working and doing the chores and have a little fun of your own in the middle of the day!

Time to sleep, kids!

Prepare a "double dinner" with two serving times. Kids eat first, and then off to bed! Afterwards, prepare a meal the way you enjoy it: some may like candles; others may prefer eating Chinese food in bed. Don’t forget the chocolate sauce and wipped cream for desert!

A class, honey?

Get out of the house and take a class together. It can be anything! From dancing to yoga, pilates, painting, etc! Get creative. Book the babysitter for an extra hour and use it to give yourselves more time with each other.


No need to go far! Your living room or bedroom will do! A good CD with soft and inspiring music will make you slow-dance just like when you were dating. Perfect to rekindle the flame!

A movie for the kids... or you?

The kids are glued to the TV? Go to your bedroom discreetly and come back later with perhaps blushed cheeks... Otherwise, an erotic movie once the kids are sleeping could certainly light some fire in your room!

Oh no!

A light bulb broke? Escape and pretend that there is a complicated thing to repair in your bedroom (or another room). Don’t forget: you will have to close the door since this is a major repair!

Variations on a theme

The preliminaries must be different… and multiplied. Be original and surprise your partner! Be tenacious and seductive. Multiply the strokes and gentle touches. Make the desire rise through the roof!

A challenge!

Put your partner up to challenges. Who will last the longest and surprise the other?

Long live technology!

You’re separated long hours because of work? Not anymore, thanks to emails and text messages! Spice up your day with flirty and sexy messages.

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