A mother’s love

“A mother’s love”! Who hasn’t heard this expression at least once in her life? That inexplicable feeling that no words can properly describe.

They say you understand “a mother’s love” once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. If this feeling is stronger than the one I feel today, feeling you move around in my belly, I’d better get ready!

You’re becoming more and more active, or bigger, in my belly and I can start to clearly distinguish your movements. I can feel your feet in my ribcage; my belly stretches out every time you move around and daddy can now see you move without even touching me. Our love is growing stronger for you every day and we wonder how we’ll feel when we’ll actually interact with you; see you smile for the first time and hear your first words. Just thinking about these moments gives me goose bumps!

I have to be honest: before your arrival, whenever I heard about a “mother’s love” or the famous “You’ll understand when you have kids”; I thought it was just an excuse parents had for their child’s flaws. Of course you’re comprehensive that your child is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the pharmacy. It’s not his fault; he hasn’t had his nap yet and how dare I judge; I’ll “understand when I have kids”. I know, I know. “How dare I judge parents and their children”? But let’s be honest; we’ve all done it.  And I know that my turn will come and when I’ll cross your judging eyes, I’ll probably think the same thing: “Wait until you have kids!”

I’ve heard my own mother talk about a “mother’s love” a thousand times. I remember thinking, when I was younger, that your heart would grow when you became a mother. That a separate heart that wasn’t’ used for your father or other family members was developed just between the mother and the child. Then, growing up with a younger brother and being the protective sister that I am, I started to understand the unlimited, love them so much it hurts, feeling of wanting someone other then yourself to be happy, safe and loved.

They say “a mother’s love” is solidified by the first hug, but the first hug isn’t just the formation of a unique bond. It is also beneficial for the baby. I’ll be honest, before hearing about the No Baby Unhugged initiative by Huggies to help all moms embrace the power of hugs; I had no idea of all the benefits of hugs on a baby. It turns out over 600 medical studies on the effects of human touch are proving that your baby can benefit from a more stable heart rate, improved oxygen level, improved sleep, reduced pain and much more simply from hugging.

Because of that I am proud to have joined the No Baby Unhugged initiative by Huggies. Helping give all the babies the hugs they need was easy! I simply shared a picture of my belly and explained why I am proud to be a No Baby Unhugged Mom.

Bambi Mommy

Bianca, who works at, loves kids! She took care of daycare children at her elementary school, babysat all the kids in her neighbourhood during her teenage years and worked as a counsellor in a day camp during summers. It was no secret that she would one day become a mother. Pregnant with her first child at the age of 26, she recounts her discoveries, joys and must-haves.

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