10 tips to make potty training a success

Owning a potty seat isn’t always enough for a child to deliberately throw their diaper away. Here are ten tips for a smooth transition.


Several books have been written to help parents toilet train their kids. By reading a book to your child, you show that toilet matters can be discussed and you send the message that potty training can be quite an adventure!

Potty chart

One of our colleagues found a great way to reward her children. She created a customized potty chart and each time her girls go on the toilet, they get a sticker. After so many stickers, she gives them a surprise. You can also find charts on the web if you have a boy or if your daughter is a big fan of Dora, for example.

Let him go with you to the washroom

If your child never sees what goes on in the bathroom, he will find it pretty weird when you ask him to pee in a brand new and super cute potty. Let him go the washroom with you now and again. It will also give him a chance to realize that flushing is noisy but harmless and that you have to wash your hands before you come out.

Some privacy

Some children prefer to be alone to pee and poo. It’s easy with a diaper because they can pretend nothing happened but on a potty seat or on the toilet, especially when parents are smiling and applauding, that moment is a bit less subtle. For these children, place the potty seat in a quiet place where they will manage their training as they please.

Hide and seek

Sometimes children hide to poo in their diaper or in their undies. If your child does this, find him quickly and bring the potty seat with you. Over time, he will understand that he can hide, but without the diaper and on the toilet!

In front of the TV

If your child sits on his potty to make you happy but panics when it’s time to use it, place the potty in front of the TV or another source or entertainment. Your child will be more relaxed and will stop focusing on the little drops.

Teddy does it!

A mom shared her trick with us. To help her child stop being afraid of putting poo in his potty, she used his teddy and a few rocks and made them fall behind the teddy in the potty. “See? Teddy does it too!”


It’s already hard for a child to rush to his potty, sit down and control his sphincters without having to learn to pull down his pants. At first, don’t be afraid to let him be naked around the house. You can teach him to button and unbutton his pants some other time. If your child is shy or cold, give him a blanket, a big t-shirt or a towel to hide.

Happy poo

Several moms have told us about this short movie featuring a happy poo that makes children laugh and explains the whole training process. It is in French but those of you who understand can translate and even if you don’t, you will understand the images for sure.


Yes, you will need some time and you will clean a few messes but be patient! This period will go by much faster if your child is not stressed out and if he doesn’t fear your reaction. Give him time and soon, you will be unable to recall when was the last time you’ve seen a diaper.

Image de Anne Costisella

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