The sounds that lead to words

Before they learn to talk, your baby will emit several sounds that they will practice over and over, concentrating on the ones used in the language spoken at home.

A, E, O

Your 8-week-old baby can say a few vowels. It is true for babies around the world. Aaaaaa and Oooooo allow your baby to explore their tone and hear the sound of their own voice.

Arrrr Agrrrr

Around their fourth month, your little pirate can roll his “r”s and build syllables for the first time. However, it is not the end of the “r” sound. That will only be perfectly pronounced later.

Pfft… mmm…

With their first teeth, your baby will be able to say the letter F, although they will not use it at will before their second birthday. When they are sad, your baby also emits sounds with their throat, and that is how they can say the “mmm” that will become “mom”.


Between their sixth and their ninth months, your baby will understand an increasing number of words and will practice their sounds even more than they did before. All the papapa, dadada and mamama will make you happy and proud, but you should know that they are not calling you by your name intentionally yet.

Mama and dada

When they reach their first birthday, your baby can say at least three words and can say mama and daddy (or dada) when they want to talk to you. This happy moment has required a lot of efforts for your baby, and the journey is not over yet because they will have a lot of sounds to learn and many, many words too!

Image de Anne Costisella

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