Our mission

Our mission at Motherforlife.com is to inform, guide and reassure mothers and mothers to be. We are proud to be the main source for Canadian parents and as such, we will not skimp on quality. We are surrounded by qualified professionals offering us their expertise. Motherforlife.com also invites the community to help us grow by participating in our contests, shows and events.

Our mindset, our philosophy

Motherforlife.com wants to celebrate the unquantifiable work parents do each and every day by balancing work and family life. Their actions are sensible because they are a direct contribution to the development of a parent's status. Just like you, we are trying to show the importance of family values. Motherforlife.com wants to contribute, with its actions and projects, to develop a vision of family life that is positive and centered on modern families and by putting an emphasis on maternity. As such, through our internet portal, Motherforlife.com is the reference for thousands of prospective and new parents who want to get information, share with other parents, find answers to their questions on maternity, pregnancy and childhood, and take advantage of all the resources, contests and activities recommended or organized by Motherforlife.com.

Motherforlife.com was founded and created by mothers, whose children are the root of the development of this social, interactive and fun site for mothers all over the world to showcase their own children. Discover all our wonderful features, extensive sections and informative articles, which are always inspired by and geared towards our precious little ones.