Message boards Instructions

Before posting a message

Verify before posting

  • Use our search function to make sure the topic you want to discuss doesn't already exist in our boards.
  • If you want to start a new thread, navigate through the different sections to find the appropriate one for your topic.
  • Never post the same topic more than once.

Our message boards are organized by topic in the different sections and sub-sections. We strongly recommend you to get comfortable with all the different sections to allow you to have a full understanding of where to post your messages.

Moving Messages
If your message is not in the right section, be aware that our moderators might move it in the appropriate section. You will be able to find your message by looking at our see my messages" feature located in your profile."

Publish a post or Start a new thread

Reply to an existing topic

reply to an existing topic, click on Reply" at the bottom of the thread. To reply to a particular message, click on "Quote" in that message and it will be included in your reply."

Create a new topic

From the appropriate section, click on Start a new thread" located in the upper left corner."

Posting Guidelines

  • Discuss one topic per thread;
  • Find a clear title for your topic. (Avoid using only capitals)
  • Write in English. (Sms and chat terms are to be avoided as they make discussions hard to read and understand)
  • Introduce your link appropriately by telling our members why it's interesting for them.
  • Protect your privacy by not posting your private information online.

Using advanced formatting

B, I and U
To make a word or a sentence in bold (B), italic (I) or underlined (U), first type the word, then select it and click on the format of your choice. For example, a word in bold on our boards would appear as such in the message box: [b]Motherforlife[/b])

Sharing a link
To activate a link you need to select the text and click on Ç URL È. (Here's how your link will appear in your message box: [URL][/URL])

After posting your message

  • Remember that only one Ç up È (or Ç bump È) is allowed per thread.

Contribute by using our Alert" feature"

Help our moderators make sure our boards are a safe haven for our members by alerting them to any message going against our guidelines by using our Alert" feature located in the top right corner of every message. It will send a copy to the offensive message directly to our moderators for review. As it is impossible for our moderators to see everything that goes on, you will help contribute to the well being of our community."

Technical Issues

For any technical issues pertaining to the use of our boards, please contact our administrators at:

Remember basic Ç Netiquette È

  • Stay on topic. Remember that online discussions include dealing with a variety of personalities, cultures and life choices and you must always remain respectful of others.
  • Avoid posting messages that don't contribute to the current discussion and are devoid of opinion.
  • To preserve the well-being of our members, please avoid being aggressive or vulgar while exchanging with others.
  • Ignore offensive messages and alert our moderators. These messages do not deserve your attention and participating can only lead to our moderators having to intervene.
  • Also ignore trolls" that register to the boards with the only purpose of riling our members up with sterile discussions."
  • If you are aggravated after reading a message, wait about 12 hours before posting your reply. It will allow you to digest the information and find an appropriate answer without being overwhelmed by emotions.
  • If you have a disagreement with another member, please use our private messages feature to resolve matters. Remember to stay respectful.
  • We do not tolerate hateful communications - especially those targeting race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, origin, weight, or disability.


  • Thread: Describes messages contained under one topic title.
  • Troll: Member registered with the goal of advertising and/or starting a controversy. Also known as Bot"."
  • Up, bump: Used when you want to bring your topic back up in the section to make sure all our members see it and can participate in the discussion.