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Every Motherforlide.com member has a profile page containing a minimum of public information that can be seen by all. However, it is up to you whether you share or not your photo albums and the information on your pregnancies and children.

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Discover the pregnancy journal that allows you to write down your moods and keep track of all the important facts during these special months. You can even share your journal with friends! You'll also find valuable information on the progress of your pregnancy and your baby's development.

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You can post a comment on a friend's personal page, a motherforlife.com article, a forum topic or a popular Test Bench. This is the section where all your comments are archived.


Although all motherforlife.com members have a public profile with a minimum of information, it's up to you to choose the additional information you wish to share with the entire community or your friends only. Information on your pregnancy, your children and your photo albums can either be completely confidential, reserved to your friends or available to the entire community. You have total control and can change your privacy options at all time.

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