The Ascendant is calculated by taking the day, the hour and the location of birth. Your child's ascendant is an important personality guideline to get an idea of what he/she will become..

Aries baby

21 mars- 20 avril

He will be at his best in games involving speed, where he can blossom freely. Obstacles won’t stop him and he will always find a way to achieve his goals.

Taurus baby

21 avril - 21 mai

He is calm and has an unmatched inner strength. Hungry for life, he also tends to ponder things a little too long.

Gemini baby

22 mai - 21 juin

He loves to play and doesn’t know when to stop, so it will be up to you to manage him and adapt to his vibrant personality. Fundamentally cerebral, his life is full of questions. Don’t be surprised if he stays that way all his life.

Cancer baby

22 juin - 22 juillet

Always nice and helpful, he’s known for his intense and exceptional sensitivity. Always looking for tenderness, he can be temperamental if his environment lacks the reassurance that he needs.

Leo baby

23 juillet - 23 août

King of the jungle, he is confident and his will is unshakable. Make sure to lavish him with attention because anything else will result in him thinking that he did something wrong.

Virgo baby

24 août - 23 septembre

He masters his emotions like no other. He’s practical but his anxious temperament makes him need encouragement quite often.

Libra baby

24 septembre - 23 octobre

Charming, he is only happy when surrounded by harmony. He likes simple situations and will often choose the easiest path.

Scorpio baby

24 octobre - 22 novembre

Extremely determined in everything he attempts, he might surprise you with his determination to achieve his goals. Although he’s outwardly calm, don’t underestimate his capacity to take his place in the world.

Sagittarius baby

23 novembre - 21 décembre

Turbulent and a dare devil, don’t even think about restraining him! But don’t hesitate to set a few strict boundaries for his safety.

Capricorn baby

22 décembre - 20 janvier

He needs to look at and analyze everything around him. Even if he seems withdrawn, he just likes to prove to himself that he can do it alone. Don’t forget that he needs love, too!

Aquarius baby

21 janvier - 18 février

He despises authority and will like to do the opposite of what you ask him to. He is very intellectual.

Pisces baby

19 février - 20 mars

A dreamer, he likes to lose himself in his mind. Bring him back to reality once in a while and make sure that his friendships are healthy and balanced, as he tends to be very anxious.