List of baby names

This list contains 5442 names: 2494 boys and 2948 girls.

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Your child is undeniably the most beautiful baby in the world. On a very objective level, look at your baby's eyes and face and you will see that your little angel has no flaws. You would have to be downright blind to not admit that your baby, compared to others, has a little extra something special.

You have waited impatiently for nine months and imagined your baby's face a thousand times. Your baby was part of your fondest dreams, and you can now hold him/her in your arms. Pressed up against you, your baby and you are one. Even if you are overwhelmed with parental love, don't forget that you have given life to a unique and distinct human being.

Your baby has only been in the world for a few minutes, and you already have to choose the syllables by which your child will be identified throughout his/her life.

Our first name is what enabled us to enter into society, communicate, find ourselves or be found. A name is a proof that you exist.

Knowing that your child will carry his name throughout his life, take some time to think before making a decision. The idea of naming your baby after giving him life is something magical!