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I'm an addict

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29 Apr 2018

Posted: April 29, 2018 at 2:22:40 AM EDT  
I was barely 17 and I was an alcoholic. My life revolved around drinking. I didn't fight her because I knew she was right. I missed most of the second half of my senior year, but I was in recovery and learning to live for the first time. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I grew up around addiction. I also learned that I suffered from mental illness (Panic Disorder). I took medication for my panic disorder. My bf is fed up with my drinking he told me thousand times for getting alcohol rehab treatment. I get irritated when I hear the term rehab. Yesterday night he requested me to stop my drinking. Without any other option I agreed and told him to take an appointment in any of the rehab clinics in Brampton. Can someone share your success story of rehab treatment?  

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