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Security for your home!!!

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22 May 2017

Posted: May 25, 2017 at 7:40:49 AM EDT  
Security is of great importance if there are kids and elders at home. An invader could attack a home mostly by breaking the doors and windows. Burglars are clever beasts and they can find many ways to invade a building. It is impossible to make a home completely break-in proof. But we can make arrangements for the home to be a less attractive target for theft.
I have heard that windows are more targeted than doors since the windows are left unlocked. Some safety tips are:
1) Cut down the thick shrubs and plants near your windows.
2) Make sure to secure the air conditioner openings.
3) Window bars could help you to some extent.
Last week, a scary burglar attack happened in one of my neighborhood. A smash and grab thief got inside their house through the backside slider window and some of their valuables were looted. Fortunately, their jewels were not stolen since the thief couldn't find it out. After that incident, I am really scared about our home safety. We have energy efficient casement windows in most of our rooms. What are the things I should ensure to make our windows and doors burglar proof? Please chime in with some good suggestions and help me to find some solution for this. Thanks for your time. 

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