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I need my baby

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20 Apr 2017

Posted: April 20, 2017 at 6:58:19 AM EDT  
Hey! Two years back on 15th of April, I came to know about my pregnancy. That day was the happiest day in my life and I was overwhelmed with love and care from my dear ones.
My husband was so happy and he started taking good care of me. The next month, I had a severe pain in my stomach and my husband took me to the hospital. We lost our child and we were heartbroken. It took us some time to recover from that stage of our life.
I have been experiencing fatigue and mood swings for the past few days but I didn't give much attention to it. Yesterday I did the pregnancy test and it came positive. But I am not excited, I am afraid of what happened to me before. I don't want to take any risk this time. I need my baby. At the same time, I am also having a broken tooth and I was planning to undergo dental crown treatment in Aurora. But I am not sure if it is safe to undergo the treatment during pregnancy. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Please share your views on this. 

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