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10 cool ideas Diet

10 cool ideas

It’s a hot day! Your children are playing with the hose or in the pool and you are reading, in a hammock. This day would be perfect with some refreshments. Would you like some ideas?

July 17, 2016
10 tips to comfort your toddler Baby

10 tips to comfort your toddler

The best way to comfort a toddler is to make him forget about his growing tooth or his little accident… Here are 10 ways to make him forget all his problems.

July 17, 2017
My child is always dirty! Child

My child is always dirty!

His shirt is dirty. He has a runny nose. His hands are brown. His feet are covered with dirt. He is (almost) always dirty! What can I do?

July 10, 2017
Food Taboos Diet

Food Taboos

With the increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide, many foods with a high sugar and fat content are being pointed at. But do we really need to ban certain food products for toddlers?

July 10, 2017
Otoplasty - Prominent ears Health

Otoplasty - Prominent ears

Your child is the world’s most gorgeous kid of course, but you’ve started noticing his ears are sticking out and you are wondering what your options are?

July 10, 2017
Beware of heat stroke! Health

Beware of heat stroke!

Heat strokes occur more often in babies and elderlies. Because it can be life-threatening, it must be treated quickly.

July 10, 2017
10 great places to discover nature Vacations

10 great places to discover nature

Are you looking for new vacation activities to entertain your children? How about a place that will satisfy their curiosity? You will bring them back home filled with amazing discoveries about animals and plants.

July 10, 2017
Family outings at the park Activities

Family outings at the park

The sun is shining, you managed to sleep in and now you are looking for something to do with your children… It sounds like the perfect day to go to the park.

July 3, 2017
What to do when my baby won’t latch? Breastfeeding

What to do when my baby won’t latch?

Babies are born ready to breastfeed and according to the laws of nature, instinctively know exactly what to do. Latching onto its mother’s breast should be the most natural thing in the world for a newborn, but that is often not the case. 

July 17, 2017

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