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Questions, comments or complaints for our moderators.

The Meeting Place

Connect with other members from your area and create new friendships!


Creative Minds

Share your creations with our members. Administrators may use touching stories or inspiring testimonials in our articles.

Baby Names

From A to Z, all baby names in one place. Originals, classics, long, short, hyphenated, find the ideal name for your baby here or ask our members for their opinion on your chosen name.

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more than 37 month


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TOP 5 - GIRL...


Celebrate a special occasion: Birthdays, Showers, and Weddings. Ask your friends for gifts suggestions or venue locations.

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Is it too early...

Opinion Forum Topics Messages Last posts

Debates & World News

For serious discussions about your role as a parent, or simply as a member of society.

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Fatigue or Laziness???

Natural Parenting

Nature-oriented parents can now exchange tips on how they manage their daily life according to their choices. Be advised that this is a place to exchange and not debate each other’s choices.


Housework & Chores

What techniques do you use? Do you believe in old wives’ tales? Share your tips & discoveries for the house, garden, beauty products, …


Your Favorites

Recommend your favorite places to visit as a family, or unexpected and charming finds for parents and children.

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Photographer in Gatineau or...

Pregnancy Forum Topics Messages Last posts

Conception & Fertility

To talk and ask all your burning questions about trying to conceive.

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Trying To Conceive - Groups

You are trying to conceive? Join one of our groups to be able to share your feelings with other women living the same hopes, frustrations or fears you are.

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Pregnancy Progress

To talk and ask all your burning questions about pregnancy.


Pregnancy Groups

You are pregnant? Join one of our pregnancy groups to talk with women who are due around the same time as you so you can share this wonderful experience with others and develop friendships along the way.

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April Mommies

Birth Stories

For touching stories or anecdotes. For all your questions or your fears regarding birthing your little one.


Difficulty To Conceive

For those who have been trying to conceive for a longer time.

Feeding & Breastfeeding Forum Topics Messages Last posts


Get help and tips to prepare or help you adapt to breastfeeding or simply share your success stories.

Bottles & Formula

For all your questions about quantity, quality or which bottle to use.

Baby Foods

Don’t know where to begin? Talk about starting solid foods, food intolerances and everything related to baby’s feedings.



Have a recipe to share? Lacking inspiration come dinnertime? Looking for something simple to make that the kids will love? Come and share your recipes for all the family to enjoy.

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spag into dogs

Baby & Youth Forum Topics Messages Last posts


For births occurring between the 20th and the 37th week of pregnancy.

Colic & Sleeping Habits

How to adapt to baby’s sleeping schedule and difficult colics?

Stimulation, Reading & Games For Kids

Questions and answers about kids games, stimulating activities and entertainment, and everything about your baby’s cognitive development.



All you need to know to prepare for the arrival of twins.



Discuss toilet training, discipline, self-esteem or any other subject pertaining to your child that is not yet a “big kid” but not quite a baby anymore.


Discuss your fears, hope, and requirements and get all the answers to your questions about daycare!

Daycare Supply & Demand

Do you have a place or are looking for one in a daycare? Announce it here.


School Children

To discuss anything related to the big adventure that is school!



Talk about the challenges of parenting a teenager.


Baby Evolution

How is your baby developing?

Groups Of Moms

Join a group of women with children that are the same age as yours. Plan a play-date!

Health & Care Forum Topics Messages Last posts

Baby Health & Care

Are you concerned about your baby’s health? Ask all your questions here!

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5 years old and...

Parent's Corner Forum Topics Messages Last posts

Dads: Involvement, Place & Role

Moms and Dads, discuss the pleasures of being a father!

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Couple & Sexuality

Father, mother, partner, … the couple behind the family!

Stay At Home Moms

A full time job! Share your tips with the community!

Psychology Forum Topics Messages Last posts

Baby Blues & Depression

Tired? Anxious? Depressed? Get some encouragement from our members who have been through it before.

Balancing Family & Work

Professional obligations and family expectations


Family Dynamics

Relationship with difficult family members, joint custody, blended family, etc.

Grief Forum Topics Messages Last posts


Can’t deal? Need help to overcome your feelings? Open up your heart…


Not an easy decision. Weigh the pros and cons or exchange with women who went through it.

Prenatal & Postnatal Grief

You are going through some rough times? Find help and understanding.


The loss of a family member or a friend.

Practical & Useful Forum Topics Messages Last posts

For Sale

Sell or buy second-hand items related to maternity, baby or parenting only.

Warnings & Recalls

Warnings and recalls for all products related to maternity, baby or parenting.

Work & Career Issues

Work conditions, maternity leaves, government help for families and all your tips to help us save money!

Why a Prenatal Multivitamin?

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