The 5 best moms ever!

Lately, we have seen many lists of everything that people hate. That’s why we decided to see things differently, so here are the five kinds of moms that we meet on Internet and that we truly love.

The DIY mom

She can build anything out of nothing. She is the one who can create an amazing dragon using an old newspaper and some paint. She can also reuse your old tires and turn them into chairs and she can decorate the whole house for your child’s birthday without busting your budget.

Why do we love her so much? Because she always has good ideas and makes us think creatively. She gives us occasions to play with our kids and she is too busy sharing her latest creations to waste her time arguing online.

This week
Letter from a man on being a Dad

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Finding inspiration in men's qualities

Instead of raging about men’s differences and nagging them about their ways of being and doing - often opposed to ours -  why not find inspiration in their qualities?

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