Letting go

Relaxation can easily be practised without taking much of your time. You can easily add one or two periods of 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation to your daily schedule. Use this time to relax or simply breathe! Soak up the sun, walk in a park or just allow yourself to stop!

Yoga is a wonderful way to let go, a time to listen to your body and relax. Yoga is a Hindu technique that requires mastering the vital functions of your body to free your mind from its constraints. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit "root". Yoga is not a religion, but an exercise. It allows harmonizes the body, mind and soul.

"The way we breathe is directly related to our emotions, says Lionel Coudron, sports medicine and director of the Yoga-Therapy Institute in Paris. As soon as they disturb us, our breathing changes. If we maintain a rapid respiratory rate, corresponding to a state of stress or anxiety, we extend this emotion. As we are the only living being that can act on the frequency and amplitude of our breathing, the first thing to do is to reduce the respiratory rate in order to lower stress "

  • Letting go is not regretting the past and living and growing in the present for the future.
  • Letting go is being aware of who you are and accepting yourself as such.
  • Letting go is to allow yourself to simply be, without wanting to be more!

Now ladies, will you dare to let go?


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Véronique Gauvin


As for many moms, it was after my first pregnancy that my outlook on life has changed. Then, I knew that I really wanted to get into this adventure of motherhood! I went back to school to develop my practical training with a doula and was hooked. For me it was a new adventure that began. I also did my "basic" level in NLP and am currently training as "coach". Helping others is part of me; it is my life! Today, I have two wonderful children and I wish more than ever to share my contagious passion! In 2011, I founded the Toi et Moi Centre de Maternité, a maternity centre located in Laval that is dedicated to supporting women and their families! 

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