10 great places to discover nature

Are you looking for new vacation activities to entertain your children? How about a place that will satisfy their curiosity? You will bring them back home filled with amazing discoveries about animals and plants.

Canadian Museum of nature

A centennial castle shelters expositions and brand new galleries as well as a collection of Canadian natural history. The fossil gallery takes you to the end of the dinosaurs era, at the moment when they became extinct and when the mammal species began to flourish. The Ultimate Dinosaur exhibit is a unique opportunity to discover different bizarre kind of dinosaurs. Please note that their website is filled with useful information, games and online galleries and is an excellent pastime for rainy days.

Owl to see!

Over 27 different birds of prey fly in Quebec skies: falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, owls, etc.. You Owl to see! It is the perfect opportunity to learn about the biology of these fascinating birds and to contemplate the largest collection of birds of prey living in Quebec! Free parking, picnic area (no restaurant on site) and gift shop.

Bioparc of Gaspésie

Visiting the Bioparc is discovering the region and the variety of its nature through five unique ecosystems : the bay, the coastal lagoon, the river, the forest and the tundra. On a 1-kilometer trail, you will share the privacy of about thirty animal species in their natural habitat. You will also see 70 plants in their own ecosystem. Several activities are offered.

Ferme du Bassin

Ferme du Bassin is an educational farm where young children and classes will see 27 different animal species, split in 110 varieties for a total of about 1000 animals. Since 2010 grain pork is sold directly at the farm. MAPAQ permit.

Sherbrooke Nature Science Museum

The Nature Science Museum in Sherbrooke presents more than 65,000 objects and specimens mostly representing natural science but also archeology. 500 mammals, 800 bird species, plants, rocks, minerals, it is THE place to impress your curious kids! Take some time to look at their website before you go to get a better idea of what to expect.


You don’t need to visit the Amazonian forest to discover an exotic world filled with snakes, crocodiles, lizards, frogs, insects and other cold-blooded animals. They are waiting for you in Saint-Eustache!

Perroquets en folie (Parrots and exotic birds)

You can observe macaws, amazons, toucans, aracaris and many other exotic birds showing off their singing and surprising behavior. It is spectacular!

Ecomuseum Zoo

Located in Montreal, the Ecomuseum is a not-for-profit educational wildlife park. Operated by the St. Lawrence Valley Natural History Society, this 11,3 hectares site allows you to discover intimate glimpses into the lives of more than 115 species of live animals native to Quebec’s St. Lawrence Valley. It is a great experience for children. Many activities are organized throughout the year.

Centre de la nature

Summer activities: Animal farm, boat rental, climbing, playground, gardens, train ride, ponies carrousel. Several free activities.

Le Canyon des Portes de l'Enfer

For an intense hiking experience, take the highest suspended footbridge in Quebec. Experience the descent to hell’s gate with 300 steps leading down.

Image de Marie-Eve Bourassa

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