Valentine’s Day gift guide

Charm bracelet

A bracelet to build over time. Here is Pandora’s selection for Valentine’s Day to start a collection that will represent key moments of your relationship, one bead at a time. Prices vary.

The little pink dress

It is Valentine’s Day after all! Here is a pretty little pink dress to wear (or receive) for the occasion and add a splash of color to your day!

Pink shift dress, $89, RW&CO.

The Favourite Game

Not only is he your man, Leonard Cohen is also a wonderful writer and if you expect more from a good love story than what the average chick flick is offering you, this book may be exactly the kind of thrill you are looking for.

"I know this is unheard in America, but I'll walk you home."

"I live on Twenty-third Street."

"Exactly what I'd hoped. It's over a hundred blocks.”

The Favourite Game, Chapters, $10.40

Pink heart stretch ring

Here is a heart that will please every woman and will fit for sure because it is elastic.

Pink heart stretch ring, $35, Guess


Why not? To celebrate eternal love, drink champagne, not water!

Veuve Clicquot, $71.25, SAQ

Love her madly

Some men celebrate Valentine’s Day like there's no tomorrow. 50th floor picnic, luxury hotels, countryside inns… Some even propose on Valentine’s Day. There is a shortage of romantic men in this world. It would be a pity to refrain yours!

Birks is a great place to search for the perfect shine!

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