My child stresses over school

  • Review your family routine. Is the whole family rushing every morning to get ready? Or do you feel like you are always out of time during the evening? How does your daily routine affect your children? Maybe, your child simply needs to feel less rushed in time. Try starting a new routine! It can be worthwhile to wake up 15 minutes earlier if it means being able to slow things down a little.
  • Listen to your child without finishing their sentences and avoid interrupting with too many comments. Take time to reassure them.
  • Try using relaxing techniques or different ways to increase your child’s self-esteem. Simple changes can help your child feel more confident.
  • Use humor to lighten almost any situation. This can help to lessen tension and to give a nicer take on life!
  • Imagine different situations with your child (they are being bullied at school during the break). Next, try elaborating a list of solutions and even ways to fight back with your child. Most importantly, use no censorship! Allow yourselves to be sometimes serious, sometimes goofy! By offering different ways to deal with the situation, your child will have the leisure to choose the solution that they find most appropriate for the situation.
  • Make sure your child’s mind is worry free in order to be able to concentrate properly in school. If your child is dealing with negative emotions, whether at school or at home, it could have repercussions on their interest towards school.
  • Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities according to their interests. This way, your child will feel esteemed for more than their academic results.
  • Do not let a negative situation last forever. Do not hesitate to contact a school educator in order to seek help.
  • Homework time should not exceed the time indicated by the teacher. Otherwise, this extra load of homework will only exacerbate the problem and your child will end up resisting homework time. In other words, it is better to do things differently, than to do more...
  • Make sure to value all initiatives and efforts as much as the end result.
Problematic situations and express solutions

I set the bar up to high for my child.
When you are expecting the impossible or perfection from your child, it generates a great deal of stress. Your child will feel obligated to succeed in order to please his parents. Afterwards, if your child fails, he will be twice as disappointed. Dedramatize his mistakes and make sure to acknowledge his efforts!

“Everyone is better than me! ˮ
Make a list of all of your child’s qualities and talents. Work with your child to help him increase his self-esteem. Most importantly, make sure to regularly encourage your child!

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