Everything you need to know before kindergarten

Preparing the teacher

Of course if your child suffers from an allergy or another disease, it is important to tell the teacher. You can tell your teacher about your doubts concerning your child’s learning capacities but do not try to do his job. Also, wait for a few weeks before inquiring about your child’s learning abilities. Your child must have some time to learn before you know if he does it well. And if there is anything wrong, your teacher will tell you about it.

Preparing the place

To prepare your child to his new school and to avoid a difficult first day, why don’t you visit the school with him on an open day. That way, you can explore this mysterious place with him and show him that he has nothing to be afraid of. Be funny and smile as you visit his future school, he will remember that image when he will be there without you.

Preparing the environment

If your child did not go to a daycare, it is not the end of the world. Just explain that it is a playful environment where other children can play with him. Give examples like family reunions, neighbors, playing with friends at the ark, etc.

If your child seems nervous, play kindergarten with him on the days before his entry. The game will continue in a new spot, that’s all.

Remember that no matter how prepared he is, it is impossible to tell how your child will react on his first day. The only thing you can do for him is to relax. He will feel it and will probably be relaxed too on his first day. Have faith in life. 

On the way to kindergarten

On the night before the big day, put him to bed early and go to bed early too. In the morning, wake him up early to avoid rushing him and he will notice that you are calm while taking a good breakfast with you. Show him that it is a big day for the whole family. Do not forbid him to take his favorite soft toy or blanket. Just tell him that it will be in the bag, right next to him. Once at school, avoid talking about the time when you will be away (“Mommy will come back soon!”) just tell him “Have fun with your friends, I’ll see you later!”

What will he learn?

From the main program that uses gameplay as a learning tool, your child will develop aptitudes that will help him express himself, work in a group, gain autonomy, take responsibilities, understand the world that surrounds him and increase his imagination and creativity.

If you have questions concerning the preschool program or if you need help to prepare for school, you can contact your school, your school board or your provincial Ministry of Education.

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