Having another baby after a difficult pregnancy

Take no chances

If your memories of your first pregnancy are still unpleasant, try to remember that the wealth of experience you’ve acquired will by default make you more prepared for the next round. Indeed, we must never neglect our experience which we can use to guide us as Valéry Annie Gaudreault suggests: “When you know a little bit about what is coming, you can do everything in your power to improve your lifestyle habits and ensure you have adequate monitoring by health professionals to ensure that the pregnancy will go better. For problems with your sciatic nerve for example, you can get treatments with a chiropractor or osteopath to manage the problem better. This will relieve symptoms but it can also make the difference in how you experience your pregnancy. In other cases, a birth doula, a psychologist or even a support group can help women with specific issues. To find resources in your area, moms can look up their local CLSC.”

Include your other children!

Another great way to help you prepare for this next pregnancy and the future arrival of another child is to share the positive – and negative – moments with the ones you love. Share all the important milestones with your other children, take the opportunity to make them feel included in the preparations so they feel like they’re part of the adventure.

Sources : Hélène Vadeboncoeur – Guérir d’un accouchement difficile, Mère & Monde – Seconde grossesse.

Collaboration : Valéry Annie Gaudreault, Certified birth coach, naturopath and trainer at Mère et Monde.

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