How to deal with their fears?

Dialogue is the best tool to fight your child’s fears. You must tell your child that you are there to protect them but also to help reduce their fear. You can also reassure them by pointing out that other children have fears too...

However, try to stay neutral, to keep your distance about his fears while being understanding.

You must let your child express himself, for example through drawing, says Mrs. Laplante. Dolls can talk together too. It does not have to be immediately after he expressed his fear. We can wait the day after and make him talk with puppets…

Once your child has put on paper the object of their fear, you can even suggest throwing away their drawing…and the fear itself.

Phobias fade or disappear around the age of seven. If all your attempts to help are vain and if his fears persist beyond that age, you should consider seeking professional help.

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