Surviving Cancer

February 4th is World Cancer Day and we want to honor the mothers, fathers and children who have gone through it and survived the disease.

Broken dreams

Being told you have cancer is destabilizing no matter when we get the diagnosis. We’re in the midst of planning our future and organizing our dreams when the bad news seem to close the door on all our projects and we wonder if our dreams are now gone forever. Stay hopeful and don’t give up your dreams: they will be a source of hope and motivation throughout the difficult moments.

I had an ovarian tumor that I had to have removed while losing my baby…but immediately after the operation, I got pregnant again with a beautiful, healthy baby! The first saved my life and the second was my proof that there is happiness after the pain, if we believe in it.

I had cervical cancer in 2002. As it was very advanced, there was a possibility of getting a hysterectomy. I fought and held on to my biggest dream: to become a mother one day. Well this year, I celebrated my 10 years of remission with my dream in my arms: my 8 months old daughter Alexe!

The children of cancer

The nightmare of every parent is to be told that their child is seriously ill. Our world suddenly collapses around us and the panic becomes overwhelming when we think of our life without that child that you’ve carried, cherished and that you love more than anything in the world, even more than your own life. Despite the illness, life goes on and you can’t neglect your responsibilities in spite of how you are feeling. Your life is not easy and you deserve to be recognized for all that strength within you despite your feelings of weakness and helplessness.

Have you heard about the Mothers for Hope inspirational movement? This group of mothers is dedicated to offer mothers of children who have cancer some psychological, physical, emotional and financial support to enable them to cope with the daily challenges of the disease in a more positive way.

My daughter had Retinoblastoma! It was quite an ordeal! We got the diagnosis when she was only 2 days old. She had chemo for a year along with a month of laser. We were able to save her vision, her eyes and her life! We continue to have regular appointments to monitor everything, but we are on the right track since the tumors are now inactive!
Angie Kim

When mom is sick

Mothers are often seen as the pillar of the family, and the symbol of life. When a mother is ill, the whole family is affecter and the mother often feels guilty for having to take time for herself. If we can give you a little advice: Don’t feel guilty for trying to get better, because your children will be inspired and so happy to see you well, and proud of yourself for all the hard times you’ve gone through with your head held high.

I had breast cancer! Diagnosed in 2011, my baby was only 1 year old! Not an easy time to go through all this! 2 surgeries, radiation treatments and medication for 5 years now. My husband lost his job at the same time, a blessing in disguise since he was able to care for the children and be by my side for all the treatments. Today, I’m happy to be able to enjoy my 2 beautiful children! Courage to all those who are still fighting!

I had lymphoma which was diagnosed during my second pregnancy. 6 months of chemo and have now been in remission for 3 years. I am a survivor, but I still can’t talk about it without going through a tsunami of emotions!

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