The meaning of Mother’s Day


It is a day when I used to celebrate my mom every year. Unfortunately, this is the first Mother's Day that I can’t. She died in December, and I just realized by reading the comments that it will be the first year without her for me! I am a proud mother of a 15-month-old baby and I hope that my husband will think of me!

My mother also died of cancer. She was 45. I tried not to think about Mother's Day in recent years because it was very hard for me. But now it is my turn to be a mom and I think I have grieved enough. Now, I see this celebration from another angle... My boyfriend promised to spoil me with my daughter. I certainly won’t refuse!

A day like any other

This is just another commercial holiday; I'll probably have a nice mug or something like that... Just for my little one to be proud of offering me something!

Apart from our anniversary, we don’t celebrate any holiday. Maybe a little something for Christmas but that's it. Parties are more commercial than symbolic really. We wish happy Mother's Day in the morning and that's it. No gifts, or special anything! After all, we are not just moms on that day ...

My friends do not feel very concerned. I mostly celebrate Mother's Day in my heart because after 3 years, I'm a fulfilled mom.

It is just another commercial holiday to make us feel cheap if we don’t buy anything. I can tell my mothe and my grandmother that I love them every day. I don’t need a party to tell them. I believe that these actions must come from the heart and its inspiration rather than being dictated by a specific day on the calendar!

I think Mother's Day is too commercialized. I am proud to be a mom and my best gift arrived in June 2008 and October 2009. Every day with them is my gift. I could not ask for anything other than my 2 beautiful girls.

What does Mother's Day mean to you? Write your comments in the space below! We want to hear from you!

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