Receiving at Easter Without a Fuss

At the last minute

Invigorating green Savoy cabbage cut into strips and cooked with bacon and onions; economical, healthy and delicious.

Asparagus with gremolata for striking colour contrast.

To simplify your life

For the main course, opt for dishes that you place on the table where everyone serves themselves. You will avoid serving and eating a cold dish, and can spend time with your family. For my part, I like to serve:

A ham with maple syrup, already sliced.

A frittata like this, for a big group or a smaller one like this one.

A big salad and side dishes. 

I complete with a platter of cheese. 

You have the right to take shortcuts. If your budget allows, make a plate of cheese, cured meats and crackers.

Otherwise, follow in my footsteps and cheat with my recipe that is not really a recipe:

Buy a long tasty bread (a naan bread or Armenian for example) that you place directly on the table. Add grilled peppers in pans you have cut into strips, marinated artichokes, chopped tomatoes, arugula and crumbled feta cheese all over the place. As a finishing touch, make zigzags of a good balsamic vinegar or a balsamic cream. You will have a big collective antipasto entry and a big wow effect!

Pssst! You can repeat the same exercise, dessert version, by making a fondue table.


For the decoration, I like simplicity. I use my children's small hands and a roll of craft paper (brown card stock) that serves as a tablecloth at home. I let my children draw rabbits, eggs and chicks, and encourage them to identify everyone's places and write sweet little words.

To make it pretty, and if the budget allows, I make centrepieces from bouquets of colourful flowers and baskets filled with little chocolate eggs. If not, ask your children if they have small plush toys that represent Easter and that could serve as a centrepiece. Let them surprise you with their ideas and enjoy this well-deserved holiday.

To find inspiration

The special Easter file on Ricardo's website

Browse on Pinterest, for centrepiece ideas

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