Family life

Becoming parents changes our world

I love my parents, even more, I feel more like a woman and I love to see myself through my son’s eyes.

Everything changed. I am a mother living with a disease that causes handicaps so it was a big deal for me to take care of my babies because there are no services for mothers like me. That’s why I took a professional coaching course and now I help mothers who live with a disease or a handicap and who want to combine disease-handicap-motherhood-work-family in addition to living a full life and achieving their dreams!

Everything changes! I can’t sleep for twelve hours in a row anymore! I can’t go out all the time! No more drinking, no more drugs, no more hanging out! But I would never change anything! I love my son! We learn to occupy our days. My life is so much better now!

I am much more careful, I don’t seize the day as much, I sleep at night, not in the morning, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t go out anymore. I am less materialistic, more patient, more organized and I learned to think about others before thinking about myself. I lost a few friends because we are not in the same world anymore. I think that having a baby made me grow from girl to woman!

For me, it is the perception of the word love… I thought I loved because I love the father of my sons but since I have my children, I can’t explain it… no love is stronger than this. We become the most important person for someone and it is a great responsibility so we try to be worthy, no matter what.

I ended a relationship with domestic violence for the sake of my child, to protect him. Being a single mom wasn’t a burden for me, it was liberating. Our opinions on delicate subjects change when we have children. We are more tolerant about subjects and very intolerant about others. We learn to swallow our pride and seek help. Ask our friends, our own mom. And yes, I too understand that a mother would do anything for her children. Thank you mom!!

I quit my job to stay home. I am much closer to my parents too and it is a good thing that my children see them often. Every day little things of life amaze me, thanks to my daughter. And my daily life is completely different but it is fine by me. I think being a mom was what I was missing to be fulfilled. I can’t wait for the next!

I rediscovered life through the eyes of children and it feels good!

My daughter gave me the strength to express myself and take my place. She was the catalyst that allowed me to change my life… I feel much better about myself now.

I realized that time flies and life is precious. My biggest fear is not to be there tomorrow to see my son grow and guide him with the values that I cherish. Since the accidental death of a member of the family, I was afraid because life is fragile but it is more intense since my son was born.

Becoming a mom taught me balance: choosing and investing in what is truly important and put aside what is not. It also taught me to aspire to be the best person I can and be a good example for my daughter while accepting that perfection does not exist.

Image de Josée Descôteaux

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