What is a stay-at-home mom’s work worth?

Be proud!

Of course, this is just for fun and we know that we haven’t thought about everything that moms do in one day. We also know that a mother is worth more than what money can buy.

However, we should remind ourselves that we are precious. No employee is as dedicated to his career and no other worker wants his company to grow as much as mothers do. Sadly, a mother told us recently that: “when my husband works around the house, he builds a fence, he fixes things, we can see what he does. What I do will only be seen in years for everything that concerns our child’s education or never, for everything that concerns groceries and cleaning”. It’s a shame for mom who certainly knows how tired they are when their day is done.

You can now show off, ladies, knowing that the highest salary you can reach is $163,293 a year, and that your family knows that you are worth much more than that.

Image de Anne Costisella
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