Spending less this Christmas

  • You still want to offer something or you’re embarrassed to go somewhere empty handed? Prepare treats that cost next to nothing but make an immediate impact, such as apple butter or jelly. Place in glass jars with a nice card.

  • Offering time is probably the nicest gift you can give someone. Offer your tired cousin to babysit the kids for an entire weekend and offer your in-laws to be their personal driver for a day. With your kids, special coupons such as “You don’t have to make your bed for a full week” or “Go to bed an hour later” will be a huge hit!

  • Some couples choose not to buy each other presents to focus on the kids. You could still take the time to write each other a nice letter, to exchange over a nice bottle of wine once the kids are in bed.

  • Start shopping early in the year to avoid getting all the bills at the same time.

  • Say no to gift exchanges. They’re quite popular at work or with extended families but you don’t have to take part in the tradition. Don’t feel bad about refusing to participate. Make choices and stick with them.

  • Use the Air Miles or other points you accumulated during the year to make last minute purchases.

  • Make gifts yourself. Get your creative side out to lower your credit card bill! You can make a calendar via the Jean Coutu website. It’s quick and easy and is guaranteed to make an impact. Ask your kids to help you with little arts and crafts projects.

  • Edible gifts are always a big hit. It’s easy to find recipes for sweet nothings and salty treats.
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