Five good reasons to spend time as a couple

Maintain some privacy

It’s not easy to keep close when a child occupies us all day and most of the night. You have a lot to do and your free time is rare but you must keep in mind that the less you spend time as a couple, the more it will become a habit. Even under the same roof and with a lot of love, it is possible to become strangers. You, as a new mom, are reorganizing your own identity. It can be the same for your couple. Spending time as a couple, and as a couple only, will help you stay close to one another. Spending time together will remind you why you chose your man over any other. It will also allow you to see the new man he has become instead of just seeing a father. Even if being a father is also charming! So, taking care of that friendship is necessary to keep the flame burning.

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