Finding inspiration in men's qualities

General information and stereotypes

Of course, some men do not fit into the aforementioned category, and some women do not feel guilty and enjoy life to the fullest. That said, we can agree that most of us could benefit from using a "manlier" approach, just like some men could also learn a lot from women's ways of doing things. By accepting to see that there are some positive elements in what some consider a partner's default, it is possible to understand how much our differences are complementary and beneficial!

Inspiring readings

A book that must be read to lessen the confrontations with your lover, the John Gray classic Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I must admit I found myself irritated at several occasions reading this book since its author caricatures women as weak and fragile beings, but I liked the explanation about why men act the way they do! So if you can get over the primitive descriptions of women, the explanations on stereotypical male behaviour allowed me to put into words what I already knew from instinct! We are different, we don't speak the same language, we don't deal with life in the same way, but with effort from both sides, we can develop a complicity based on mutual understanding and respect.

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