My child is always dirty!

Clumsy, unfocused or careless?

As discouraging as it may be, the answer is probably all at once! It’s not easy to carry a glass of milk into the living room. It’s not obvious to think about placing it on the table before climbing on the couch. It’s not really obvious either; that even a tiny little sip left in a cup can drip on the cushion and leave a big stain.

On our part, we must try to take things with a grain of salt to show him that he can pay attention a little bit more:

  • "Your shirt is soaked. It must be uncomfortable! Let’s change it, but you’ll have to stop playing with water!
  • "You spilled juice on the floor? Take this cloth, we’ll clean it all together. "
  • "Don’t draw on your face. Take this washcloth and take it off! "
  • "It's time for a snack. Go and wash your hands. When you are finished, climb on your little bench and wipe your hands on the towel. "

Learning is made of trial and error. We forget that sometimes. Maybe we are too demanding of our children? We want them to be impeccable, but we also want them to be autonomous and independent. If we do everything for them, we will probably leave them in a state of dependence towards us. Is this really what we want? Think about that... next time you do the laundry!

Mud or bath?

For a toddler, it can be more fun to play with mud than to play in a bath. Cleverly, his mom must learn to use his ability to play with everything to make it fun to wash hands, take a bath and clean up a mess or brush hair. Simulated, maybe, but what a great way to teach the basics of personal hygiene!

Image de Nadine Descheneaux
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