Children and the concept of time


With a calendar divided by month, ask your child to cross off days that have passed. Customizable calendars with stickers are good tools. Children can easily visualize the moment of the day or of the week. It is possible to expect, anticipate and even count the number of days before a birthday or a special event.

A day or a week?
  • Take pictures of every moment of the day to help children develop their sense of time. Place these moments in order on the wall or in a book.
  • Draw a clock and stick pictograms near every significant time (a bowl of cereals at 7:00, a pillow at 2:00 to represent his nap…)
  • Make a weekly calendar with felt or cardboard. Ask him to draw repositionable items that can be applied on each day (Monday: swimming lesson, Tuesday: daycare, Wednesday: home, Thursday: at grandma’s, etc.) Add as many events as you like.

There are simple games that require playing with daily activities and a daily or a weekly schedule. Illustrated skits can also help him place events in local order. For example: get up, get dressed, go outside, arrive in daycare.

  • Get your child books that show them a daily schedule associated with actions that children often repeat.
  • Reading stories regularly also helps children understanding concepts. The course of a story with its beginning, events and end helps them understand their own timeframe.
  • Some books have a built-in clock and require them to move the big arm and small arm throughout the journey of the main character. It can teach children numbers and time.
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