From crib to bed

Extendable bed

If, when you bought your crib, you chose an extendable bed, you can just turn it into a transitional bed now. Your little one won’t feel too disturbed and you will truly enjoy your purchase for the second time.

Some transition beds are also extendable and allow you to use the mattress of your crib at first and to extend it to use a standard mattress afterwards. Ikea, for example, offers many models.

Transition bed

A transition bed is a small bed, very low, that fits the size of the crib’s mattress. This bed offers a smoother transition to your child who will not have to get used to a different mattress and new smells. It also allows you to spend a little less because you only buy the base. Even if you will eventually buy a regular bed, this bed gives your child’s room a childish look and allows you to save a bit of space.

Regular bed

If you want, if your child took their time or if you already own it, you can use a regular bed. It is much longer, and it is usually higher too. If you can, take the bed’s legs off or cover the floor to minimize eventual falls.

To help you decorate and choose the perfect bed to fit your room, you can read articles by Jessica Prescott, our Interior design specialist. She wrote, among other articles, “Painting the baby’s room”.

New security measures

Be careful! There are removable bed rails to prevent children from falling out of bed. It can be very pretty and may reassure you but keep in mind that your baby’s head can get stuck in it and it is not recommended for children under 2 years old.

Place a soft carpet, a thin mattress or firm cushions by the bed to protect your child while avoiding choking hazards.

Also, make sure that dangerous items are stored away in the rest of the house and that the stairs are blocked so that a dreaming, sleep-walking baby cannot fall down the steps in the middle of the night.

Image de Anne Costisella

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