Getting baby ready for winter

Although coats made for winter porting are available in specialty stores, here's how you can adapt your baby sling with your own winter coat. The suggested method is to first install the sling and put the baby in it, and then put on your coat. Why? This way, your baby is snuggled against you and can benefit from your body heat, which helps in keeping them at an ideal temperature and protected from the wind.

Because your baby is snuggled up against you and is thus sharing your warmth, dress them in fleece clothes and not a full snowsuit because they could get too hot.  Don’t pull up your zipper all the way to the top to ensure good air circulation for the baby.  Simply use a blanket to fill the space in between. It’s also important to cover your neck properly.

Some people may want to wear a scarf on top of their coat and then put their baby in a snowsuit. You will soon realize that it’s uncomfortable. The baby is farthest from you because of all the layers of fabric separating you. By being further away, they are also heavier. Moreover, this technique doesn’t allow any heat exchange between parent and child.

By Sophie Cumings

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