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Credits <br>and

Producers and managing editors

Mariane Chenail and Francine Laplante

Administrative assistant

Michèle Laplante


Sonia Cosentino


Anne Costisella
Mariem Melainine


Serge Viau

Project management and business development

Stefanie Di Virgilio

Project management and branding

Anne Desaulniers

Project management and communications

Bianca Laflamme


Ann-Marie Migneault

Un Zeste de Génie!

IT Director

Eric Chenail


Jean-François Gélinas


Steve Leduc
Stéphane Chapdelaine
Florencia Herra Vega
Mathieu Lajeunesse
Alexandra Nantel
David Pan

Lead programmer

Ken Nguyen

Web integrator

Marc-André Charron

Artistic director

Francis Champoux


This project was partly funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada media fund, part of the strategy of Canadian Online Culture administered by Telefilm Canada.

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